Our Philosophy

Who We Are


We are the sole importers of the iR37 facial recognition touch-less scanner which we; through distributors only; authorise to sell into Europe, Nth America, Near and Far East and elsewhere. We have developed the product working closely with the factory to provide enhanced capabilities which currently include an IR based temperature scanner, and optional tri-coder able to read NFC, Barcodes, QR and RFID tags.


The senior personnel at MBLC have unrivalled experience and knowledge in products which encompass AV, LED, Sound, Multi-Media, CRM, Control Systems, Remote management, Programming, GUI creation, Systems design and implementation. Complex control via computers, Eprom and PLC of multiple highly complex devices in the live event and Film or TV studio. Major and secure command& control centres, animatronics, pyrotechnics, lighting and more. We have collectively over 100 man years of expertise to draw upon.  We have been behind many technologies now in common use.

Our Approach

There is program of constant improvement.  We work very closely with the manufacturer and identify the features both in hardware and software which will meet and exceed the end-users, demands, suggestions and particular use case.

We have an extensive road map and our aim is to ensure the product range has a long lifetime of functional use as we enter the distanced post-covid world.  Our software is always free and there is no ongoing cost.  Firmware upgrades are always backwardly compatible ensuring the product does not need t be replaced without good cause.

We will release to bona-fide developers and end-users a full SDK to enable customer installations through bespoke interfaces, API to integrate and add value to existing software and hardware for entry/exit, time and attendance, compliance with local data protections laws etc.  Only the best in class components are used and always with an eye on security of data captured or stored.

 All our devices are pure on-premise solutions, there is NO third party cloud storage or web interface required to operate and control the devices securely within the users own LAN/WAN.

COVID - Implications (Our Assessment)

We have all experienced the impact of COVID 19 and the impact on business and trade. We feel that going forward, entry and exit to offices, hotels, gyms, sport and music venues and retail spaces will move to a new normal of touchless entry and exit. With this in mind we have developed the ir37 range to include temperature checking, facial recognition, visitor registration, RFID/ NFC card reading, barcode readers and QR codes being the principal forms of identification used in the touch-less environment to identify both the registered user and the visitor.

The days of ad hoc entry to a space are probably numbered and will become a distant memory of better times.

To enable this “brave new world” security and ease of use are the two fundamental factors which must be considered and
properly structured.

All of our systems are designed around the client cell, so no access to a third party cloud service is required – this ensures your corporate network has no weak links or potential back doors. Data is contained, controlled and managed solely within your orbit with suitable and relevant controls for GDPR/HIPPA compliance and data protection and just as importantly destruction/ removal after allotted legally required or proffered time frames.

We are able to offer, perhaps uniquely, the ability within a single device to enable the staff to register entry and exit using face &/or card and the visitor to register using a pre-sent (say) QR or barcode, triggering the issue of a COVID questionnaire or similar where required or desired as part of that registration process.