The iR37 Ganymede

The iR37 Ganymede is the pride of the range, combining all of the features of the iR37 range in one module

Product Features

  • Card/QR/RFID scanner enables

       i. Three part access control – Temperature/ID/Photo

       ii. Link to third party software/ hardware for time and                             attendance

       iii. Validation of security pass or suspension

       i.v. Gate/ Turnstile control

       v. COVID questionnaire form sending & tracking

       vi. Link to (say) QR code hotel check-in

       vii. Validation of ticket via bar code for an event

       viii. Track and trace to the seat

       ix. Time & Attendance/ Payroll/ Fire Officer lists.

  • Additional IR based temperature sensor

  • Email alerts by device and department for high temperature

  • User settings for low and high temperature trigger points

  • User settings for voice and text responses

  • User defined “standby” background image

  • GDPR and privacy options for display of names/image

  • Selectable entry image capture for user or visitor

  • Access control selectable for users/ visitors

  • Fast scan mode for “audience” where ID not a perquisite

  • Additional facility to read and record QR codes, Bar codes, RFID tags and NFC tags

  • Scanner can be retro-fitted to existing i-o units

  • Facial recognition system

  • Face mask present/not present ability

  • Audible and Visual response

  • User permissions can be disabled

  • Unlimited sub groups – e.g. departments

  • Up to 12,000 users

  • Network – wired and wireless

  • PoE option

  • Contact closure

  • 12v PSU

  • Desk, Wall or Floor mount

  • Designed for 24/7 operation

  • 24 month advance replacement warranty

  • Free software – Windows platform

  • Lifetime support for software and firmware upgrades

  • 24/7 tech support

  • High build quality – best in class materials and components

  • SDK available

  • Encrypted communication device to software

  • API integration with third party software and hardware

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