Where To Buy

Where To Buy


  • We only sell product through distribution channels – never direct.

  • Our distributors are spread across a number of countries.

  • Each distributor deals in a certain market sector or channel.

To enable us to direct you to the most suitable distributor in your country/ region please email us and let us know the following information:-

  • Contact method preferred e.g. email/ telephone

  • Contact name

  • Country you are seeking to purchase in or for.

  • Sector in which you operate/ use application is for; e.g.:  Hotel, HospitalityEngineering/ IndustrialRetailHealthcare/ MedicalDistributionVenue/Event spaceCorporate officesBankingSports/ College facility.

We can either provide you with their contact information by default – if you prefer we can pass your details to them to contact you – this is only done by specific request – in such cases we will advise you as to whom this will be.

Please email your enquiries to